For seventeen years, I have been pondering, planning, and writing my memoir. I was not in a hurry and only wrote when I felt the desire to. I wrote my memoir because I had a story to tell, a story that most people who meet me would never guess I had survived. My memoir is the survival story of a middle-class British woman’s fight to get her daughters back from a vicious, unscrupulous man and survive through a horrific crime commit by family members.

I have no desire to make any profit from my memoir. I wanted to see my story in book form bound within a beautiful cover. I printed 30 copies of my memoir and I only wanted to share my story with a small portion of the world, those friends and family that I am closest to. All proceeds from the purchase of my eBook have and will continue to be donated to a local, domestic violence non-profit organization, Emerge!

I am currently working with an award winning producer to explore the possibility of making my memoir into a TV movie.  

I want those who read my memoir to know that life is precious and short and completely unpredictable, so live every day as if it is your last because it may very well be.

My memoir is based upon actual events and people. However, to protect the identity of my friends and family, the names of those still living herein are fictitious. The names of famous people have not been changed.

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